August 31, 2018

3 Signs It’s Time To Re-Optimize Your Home Rental Listing

A home rental adshould always include an eye-catching name, a definitive selling point, vivid descriptions, amenity details, neighborhood descriptions, competitive rates, and SEO-friendly language. That said, it is not always easy to include the right combination of all of these that lets your property stand out from the competition. It is also not easy to tell when your marketing techniques have become outdated, which is why you should keep an eye out for warning signs that can let you know when it’s time to revamp your listing.

1.    No One Is Viewing Your Ad

Many people tend to write only the bare minimum in headline copy thinking that people will take the time to click through for more information. Would youclick on a headline that didn’t seem to fit your needs? Most vacation rental site users tend to scroll quickly for specific keywords, so you are losing out on a vital opportunity if you can’t grab a reader’s attention. If there are competitors who are doing better than you are, take the time to scope out their listings to see what about their tone or writing style is ranking them higher than you in search results.

·     Be creative!

·     Add location, price, and property type in the headline.

·     Add an amenity in your headline.

·     Is your tone friendly and approachable?

2.    Decrease In Ad Response

If you used to get a lot of traffic in the past but are no longer seeing as much interest, it might be time to look forideas to revitalize your listing. Marketing is constantly changing, which means that what is popular today may not be tomorrow. You need to find out what guests are looking for, as well as what your property has to offer, so that you catch their eye.

·     Add substance and positivity.

·     Brainstorm about the best usage of your limited character space.

·     Reword your copy and use more enticing language that is SEO-friendly.

·     Use power words that add excitement and promote interest.

·     Are your reviews positive? Negative? How did you respond to them?

3.    You Aren’t Getting Bookings

If you notice that you’re getting pageviews but no bookings, something else may be wrong. Are you presenting the property well? Do your images promote your property as an asset? Is the application process user-friendly? Is the price within a normal range? These are things you need to consider when thinking about optimization.

·     Make sure your photos highlight important amenities, like a pool, a hot tub, a pool table, smart technology, or anything new you’ve added to your property recently.  

·     Did you include popular neighborhood destinations that guests will be interested in?

·     Are there seasonal attractions that visitors would love to participate in?

When you think about ads, even the smallest change could do wonders forincreasing the number of viewings and bookings you receive. By using things like demographics or looking at your renter habits, you have a lot of data at your disposal to help you optimize and increase your bookings.

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