June 22, 2018

4 Creative Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Home Rental Listing

Are you looking for creative ways to market your rental property? Trying to reach consumers online can be a challenge, so here are some marketing ideas to help promote your home rental listing.

1.     Create A Dynamic Ad Campaign


Be funny, creative, and exciting. Pictures do say a thousand words, so make sure to spotlight the areas that speak on your behalf. Who is your ideal renter? Is your property in a prime neighborhood? Do you have shiny new appliances in the kitchen? Addressing any of these can be just the thing to get potential renters to pay attention.


2.     Use SEO Marketing Strategies


Learning how to optimize for search rankings takes research, but there are lots of sources to help you find keywords that convert views into rentals. Start by describing the architecture. Is it modern, old-fashioned, or contemporary? Is the decor formal or casual? Do you have things that appeal to renters, such as energy-efficient windows and appliances or A/C? Are your rooms spacious? Does your property have a beautiful garden area or a pool?


You can also use keywords regarding the neighborhood. Is it private, friendly, or quiet? If your space is in the city, you can use “urban” or “lively” if you want to attract college kids. Also, use keywords like “steps from” or “near” to add information about schools, food, or public transportation.


3.     Create a Tourist Guide To Gain Subscribers


Guides can help with providing information both to and about potential renters. If you offer a free tourist guide as an incentive to subscribe, it can serve as a huge source of leads. Additionally, tailoring guides for specific audiences can help you figure out what is most popular in your area. Use all this information to help carve your place in the market and advertise through a mailing list. Readers might not currently need your services, but they probably know someone who does.


4.     Use Facebook Ads To Reach Your Preferred Market


Don’t forget to actually take out ads! This can be a critical way to promote your listing. Facebook, in particular, can be a lucrative space to advertise in, as it has billions of users and two-thirds of them use Facebook every day. Moreover, millions of businesses rely on Facebook ads to target consumers.


There are three components you should focus on: targeting your audience, defining objectives, and creating your ad.


·      Target Audience: Real estate agents have yet to tap into this market, so it is ripe for the picking. You should use local SEO to reach those searching for the services you offer. You should also use keywords like #rentalpropertyincityname or #rentalpropertyneighborhood.


·      Objective: Your marketing objective is critical. Facebook’s ad campaigns have different goals, such as lead generation, engagement, conversions, and brand awareness. What is your primary purpose? Keep your goals in mind while you decide on keywords, as it will define the audience you reach.


·      Ad Creation: You know what your audience needs. You know the neighborhood, city, and state they will use to search. You should use demographics to your advantage by adding it. Use a zip code, radius, or neighborhood to make sure Facebook targets the right interest. There’s not much other information you need to deliver an effective ad.


If you are interested in vacation rental marketing services, please contact us for more information. You can also follow our blog to keep up with the industry and for more ways to market your rental property.

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