March 30, 2018

4 Rules All Successful Airbnb Hosts Follow

/If you’re new to the short-term rental hosting or even you’ve been around for a while there many things to consider in making the most out of your property. In the end it really boils down to a few important rules that if you follow, you’ll always end up on top.

Rule Number One: Be Professional

When is the last time you found an article or newsletter where a big hotel chain was complaining about a guest? Can you imagine the Hilton posting stories on Reddit about the crazy behavior of their guests? Never. In hospitality, the customer comes first, always. Imagine if you had a complaint about your stay at the W and the hotel management argued and fought with you at the front desk.

In a shared economy, it’s easy to be casual in your approach to business. Remember though - hosting, no matter how small - is still a business. You’re paying taxes, writing off business expenses, and everything else a normal business would do, just on a smaller scale. As you grow, you’ll be doing this on a much larger scale. Highly successful hosts have learned to handle themselves in a professional manner no matter the circumstance. No matter the issue; be it fraud, chargebacks, negative review or guest reviews, guests not following the rules or cancellations, professional hosts communicate through the correct channels, and are always respectful. Needless to say, this can be difficult.

As with any business, sometimes things aren’t going to the way you would like but in almost all cases, being professional through the experience is going to yield far more success in the most difficult of situations. 

 Rule Number Two: Stay Organized

For many of us this can seem like a daunting task. There are so many moving parts to hosting, sometimes you can drop the ball. Thankfully we live in a time with access to unbelievable technology. Highly successful hosts utilize all the technology they can find. From guest communication to key drop off and pick up, you will quickly learn your strengths and weaknesses.

If you have difficulty planning and staying on track with housekeeping, use an app like Properly to manage all aspects of your cleaning service - even those last-minute bookings. If you are time-challenged and dropping off keys at a location is nearly impossible, you can always use smart lock and assign your guest a virtual key through an application. Something else to consider is using a VRM software. Some good solutions out there can automate tasks, emails, messaging, and organize your housekeeping. For the price, something like this is well worth it. We here at Voyajoy are currently launching our new VRM software, Cozmo. Sign up here if you’re interested in testing our beta.

Rule Number Three: Be Honest

From start to finish, successful hosts are always honest and upfront about everything. From pictures to description and house rules, make sure everything is accurate and authentic. A great host provides everything promised right from the beginning.

Be clear and upfront with your house rules – they have all your expectations of the guest. No hidden rules or regulations. Try and put yourself in the shoes of the guest. What may seem trivial to you may be something important to the guest. You state there’s a hairdryer but there isn’t. The guest must run out and buy one, or you must run over and provide one. Either way, it’s a huge inconvenience to the guest.

Rule Number Four: Stay Educated

As with any business, you need to grow and change with the times. If you’re a host, the channels are always changing: the searches, success metrics and tracking, fees, and just about everything else. As a vacation rental host, this is something you are not going to be able to control. Good hosts try and approach everything as an opportunity to be an early adapter.

Follow as many insider newsletters and publications as you can. Stay up on new technology. Go to any local industry events. Technology changes quickly, so as a successful host you need to ahead of the curve and ready for those changes.

You can also choose to work with the experts that handle much of the above, so you can work on growing your business, not just management it. Sign up for free at

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