August 14, 2019

5 Ways to Make Your Studio Apartments for Rent in San Francisco More Visible

In the competitive world of San Francisco studio apartment rentals, you know just how difficult it can be to stand out among hundreds of online listings. The time it takes to create the perfect listing, shoot praiseworthy photos, and upload the details to multiple channels is beyond comprehension. It could take you hours or even days to do just that which isn’t feasible given the tight schedule you keep.

Even then, there is no guarantee that people will see what you posted. The listing may be subjected to site algorithms or fall victim to the wrong set of keywords which poses the question of “How do I make my listing stand out?”. The following short guide answers that question by giving you suggestions that make your rental properties appeal more to renters.

How to Remain Visible in a Jam-Packed Rental Market

If the market is overly saturated with rentals, how do you rent out yours? It’s easier than you might imagine and involves a few well-executed tips to accomplish. Below, you’ll find a list of ways to up your rental properties’ exposure on various channels such as Airbnb and HomeAway.

Here are five ways to make your studio apartments for rent in San Francisco more visible to renters:

1. Through a keyword-rich impactful title. It’s your 10-second introduction to renters so make it count!

2. With clear photos with very little clutter in them. Try to see the apartment the way they would if they were looking at it for the first time and remove anything considered an obstacle or nuisance from the photographs.

3. By including lots of details in the listing. This is where you sell renters on the property by highlighting its features, noting its location and the neighborhood hotspots, and talking about how clean, quiet, and safe it is.

4. By cross-promoting them through multiple channels. Get the most bang for your buck by maximizing your time with software such as Voyajoy which allows you to upload a single listing to over 50 channels at once.

5. Through diligently checking the listing for mistakes. A glaring error may not seem obvious at the time you hit publish but be brought to your attention after reviewing what you’ve written or photographed for potential problems.

These things contribute to a friendlier rental listing by providing renters with the important details necessary to reach out to you. They’ll know instantly if the studio apartment is within their budget, pet-friendly, and close enough to public transportation to make it a deal. Also, if it’s travelers you’re marketing to, the people will be ableto discern a safe rental from one in a not-so-great area of the city. You’ll essentially answer their questions with the listing without even speaking to them once.

The Power of Pushing Rental Listings to Over 50 Channels at Once

Why limit yourself to a single platform such as Airbnb when you can create a single listing for each of your studio apartment rentals and push them to over 50 channels with Voyajoy’suser-friendly software? Maximize the exposure each investment property you own receives with greater ease and in less time than it takes to create new listings for sites such as and Zillow. With more eyes on each of your properties, there is less of a chance that your studio apartments remaining empty long. You’ll gain greater peace of mind knowing that your rentals continue to be a steady stream of income for you.

John Gartland

My name is John Gartland and I’m a blogger from Denver, Colorado with 10-years experience in the vacation rental industry. I have learned so many things including tips, tricks, and hacks to build the best vacation rental out there.

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