August 8, 2019

5 Ways To Promote Your Airbnb Real Estate Rental Properties On Instagram

Do you find it difficult to compete with other real estate rental properties on sites like Airbnb? Because site algorithms are secret, it makes it even harder to elevate your ranking when factors like listing data, trip details, and guest services affect whose property gets recommendations. To boost your visibility, here are five ways to promote your Airbnb rental properties on Instagram.

Building An Instagram Following

As a short-term rental property host, it’s essential to grow your audience externally becausethat will increase traffic and sales. It is also a business goal that will ultimately increase your ranking.

· Set Up An Airbnb Instagram Account

You will want to create a dedicated Instagram account so that your business has a clear business agenda. Once done, you will want to strategically build your profile, including a description of your real estate property listing, popular guest amenities, and property details. Be mindful of Airbnb’s algorithm focus so that you have the opportunity to drive traffic to your property listing. You will also want to ensure that you provide contact information such as an email address, location, phone number, or reservation data.

· Identify Your Target Audience  

Marketing is a crucial part of building an Instagram following. If you don’t know to whom you are marketing, your advertising voice and POV will be unclear to followers. Branding must appeal to a specific group in the real estate marketplace. You also need to decide what your niche will be within that industry (i.e., rooms for rent, houses for rent, luxury property, family rentals). Identifying the strengths of your property will also help you decide what type of demographics will likely search for your rental property services.

· Showcase Property Amenities

Imageryand videos are two of the most valuable tools you can utilize because consumers want to see what a property has to offer before booking it. Airbnb also uses Instagram to endorse the most liked properties, so you have additional ways to encourage bookings. Take the time to create a social media schedule to regularly share pictures or videos of your property and neighborhood as it will appeal to those seeking local rental services.

· Create Interesting Content Using Instagram Stories

The best way to boost bookings is to build your Airbnb following through Instagram Stories and anchor texts that make your listing more accessible. Your followers will get a first-hand perspective on your business practices. As an engaging host, you can also use local SEO, trending hashtags, and events to showcase popular tourist destinations nearby.

· Follow Industry Insiders

The real estate sector is a diverse industry, so you will not want to follow anyone who does not serve a direct purpose. Connect with local travel sites, tourism organizations, and hospitality businesses so that will help create relationships that have value. You should also look to Instagram traveler influencers to promote your property and brand.

With regular posts, informative content creation, and local event promotion, you will quickly build a loyal following that you can leverage to market your property directly on Instagram.

John Gartland

My name is John Gartland and I’m a blogger from Denver, Colorado with 10-years experience in the vacation rental industry. I have learned so many things including tips, tricks, and hacks to build the best vacation rental out there.

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