June 11, 2018

6 Tips to Boost Your Ranking as a Vacation Rental Host

Whether you’re a relatively new listing or just rank consistently low, it can be a trying experience to navigate a competitive rental market. You know your property is top-notch and you always receive five-star reviews. So, what’s the problem? One possibility could be the relationship between your listing’s traffic and your conversion rates; this is a significant contributor to the formula websites use to generate rankings that many hosts don’t think about. If you manage to get traffic but don’t get very many sales, you need to rethink your strategy.

Sites recommend properties based on conversion rates because those owners have proven that they can successfully meet the demands of its clients. Low conversion rates receive fewer views, which in turn affects sales. Don’t let this discourage you. Here are six tips to boost your ranking as a vacation rental host and revive your sales growth.

1.     Invest in Home Rental Management Software


An ideal way to boost your vacation rental income is to invest in property rental management software that meets your administrative needs. Vacation rental management software enhances income potential for hosts by making it easy to develop compelling property descriptions, create visually appealing imagery, and market on multiple channels. Investing in management software is also advisable when you need a more structured way to reply to numerous inquiries, confirm bookings, or just generally communicate with guests.


2.     Provide Online Access for Bookings and Payments


According to research, 88% of vacationers prefer online booking options to gain short-term accommodations. Vacation rental hosts who offer both online booking and payment engage in 50% more business than hosts who do not. Offering services online provide immediate accessibility, convenience, and quicker guest processing. Owners can utilize their online calendar to block out dates so guests can feel confident in knowing they have reliable lodging. Making it fast and easy for guests to access services increases ranking when hosts reliably process transactions in a timely fashion.


3.     Create a Standout Vacation Rental Headline


When guests search for properties, it is typically the headline that catches their attention first. Read up on the kind of language that attracts customers and scopes out your competition so you can construct a title that will receive the most views. Take a few minutes to find out what your customers want so that you can showcase the perks of your rental to attract more clients. You should also take advantage of holidays, prime vacation dates, and location to attractions to further elevate your title description over the competition’s advertisements.


4.     Use Your Photos to Your Advantage


Imagery is a critical component that boosts sales. When you provide written information, consumers retain only ten percent of the data. When you pair the information with imagery, readers retain more than 65% after viewing it. You must include high-quality, visually-appealing photos that sell the value of your property at first glance. Staging your photos will also attract a specific blend of consumers. Take advantage of the gallery feature and upload a variety of professional pictures that speak to customer needs while also driving traffic and sales.


5.     Take Advantage of Software Features


Software features can be assets that provide additional tools for property owners to engage with clients. Learning to use the software in the proper way can improve your search rankings. The software can enhance the booking experience by helping you do the following:

·      Reply to all inquiries within 24 hours to raise your ranking.

·      Update your calendar every 30 days to minimize cancellation and double booking.

·      Add your address to a sitemap so clients can find your property when searching by neighborhood.

·      Provide excellent customer service to generate five-star ratings.

·      Use rate quotes so a service provider recommends your listing often.


6.     Improve Response Times


It is critical that you have a quick turnaround time. Simply put, if you are not capable of quickly replying to inquiries, your competition will. Rental providers who respond within one hour have the highest conversion rates. Sites recommend timely owners over owners who tend to let inquiries lapse so they can satisfy customer demand. Moreover, guests will be less likely to want to rent your lodgings if you have a history of late or unacknowledged inquiries. Once you improve response times, you can boost your ranking.

When you take full advantage of listing optimization opportunities, you will receive more inquiries, boost your sales, and improve your search ranking. Please contact us at Voyajoy to speak with our marketing experts about ways we can help take your listing to the next level.

Chang Kim

My name is Chang and I manage operations at Voyajoy. I've been in the short-term rental space for the last four years and have an operations career dating back 20+ years. I've learned about vacation rental management the hard way and have seen how quickly this industry has changed in a very short time. My objective is to use this experience and knowledge to give our valued clients big competitive advantages.

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