April 27, 2018

Blue Apron and Airbnb Partner for "The Best Home Cooking from Around The World".

Blue Apron and Airbnb recently announced a partnership. It’s called “The Best Home Cooking from Around the World” and will feature 6 different recipes from 6 countries around the world over the span of 6 weeks.

Starting on April 16th, an Airbnb chef that hosts an experience will team up with the Blue Apron culinary team to develop a recipe. Each week a new recipe by a Blue Apron and Airbnb team from a different city will be featured. The six cities featured in the partnership will be Paris, Florence, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

This is a solid win for both Airbnb and Blue Apron.  Blue Apron gets some great new recipes and marketing exposure through Airbnb, while Airbnb gets to promote its experience program, garnering more meal and activity sales.

You can check out the program at  https://try.blueapron.com/airbnb/

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