August 14, 2019

Create the Best House Rental Listings That Get the Most Response Today

As a new rental property owner, your number one goal is to fill your properties so they don’t remain vacant at different times of the year. Without renters, there is no income coming in and even less chance of you profiting from the homes you own. One of the most important things you’ll do to get the word out about the rentals you have available is to create rental listings that you’ll put out on various channels in an attempt to get them rented quickly. The problem with that is the sheer amount of time it takes to create new listings on each channel, making sure that the listing has the right keywords to increase its visibility, and then responding to every interested party by checking your messages on each website each day.

No Guarantee That Your Rental Listings Will Be Seen on a Single Platform

Despite all the time you’ve devoted to drafting text and uploading photos about your rental properties,your listings may garner no response or less of the response you had hoped for. How is it even possible that you spend so much time listing and not receive the interest needed to keep your rental homes filled? The problem isn’t necessarily concerning the rental but in the way you’ve listed it. There’s likely an important piece of information missing that clues renters into what you’re offering or the photos that you’ve decided to use haven’t uploaded properly.

Whatever the case may be, your listing is the problem. Below, you’ll find several of the common issues that occur with rental home listings and what you can do to make sure yours doesn’t suffer the consequences of the tiniest mistake. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know exactly how to write a standout listing that grabs people’s attention and gets them in touch with you about the homes you have to rent.

Why Your House Rental Listings Aren’t Getting the Attention They Deserve

It isn’t enough to own a beautiful rental home. You must get people jazzed about staying in it. You do that through a well-written listing.

Some of the reasons why people aren’t seeing or responding to your rental listings include:

· You’ve not put them on enough channels to be seen. Not everyone uses Airbnb or

· The title provides little information so it gets bypassed by renters. You’ve got literally a second to grab their attention with a captivating one-line introduction to the home.

· The pictures that you’ve taken aren’t flattering. How are they supposed to know how wonderful the property is if there isn’t a photo piquing their interest in the place?

· You forgot to hit publish or had the listing flagged in the system. You may have noteven thought to double-check to make sure the listing was live.

These common mistakes can cost you the response you hoped for with your house rental listings.

Fill Your Rental Properties with Responsible Renters Year-Round

Don’t sell yourself short by failing to put your rental listings on the right platforms. The more exposureyou receive by renters, the better chance you’ll have of keeping the houses you own filled with paid vacationers and tenants year-round. You won’t rely on one channel to draw interest in your properties. Members from a multitude of websites will see what you have to offer in the way of rental homes and be ableto contact you right away thanks to the cross-posting you’ve done with Voyajoy on 50+ rental channels including Airbnb,, and HomeAway.

John Gartland

My name is John Gartland and I’m a blogger from Denver, Colorado with 10-years experience in the vacation rental industry. I have learned so many things including tips, tricks, and hacks to build the best vacation rental out there.

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