January 28, 2021

Four Safety Guidelines to Follow When Reopening for Renters

This year hasn’t been the most ideal for taking that much needed vacation or looking for a new property to rent. Fortunately, after several months of managing changes due to COVID 19, rental properties are beginning to open up again. Here are four reminders of what to expect as you look into renting. This goes for those who are looking to rent out their properties as well. 

  1. Face Coverings

No matter where you’re looking to rent, properties will be mandated to enforce facial coverings. CDPH guidelines instruct those in person to wear coverings indoors. Even when outside looking at a backyard or front yard area, it’s best to stay in compliance with the guidelines for the safety of the renter and the property owner. If you must take off your mask outside, be sure to stay the appropriate distance at six feet apart. 

  1. Temperature Checks

In accordance with CDC guidelines, temperature checks will still be part of showing a property. This is to ensure that everyone who enters is free of COVID symptoms. If you have a cough, fever, fatigue, or chills, it’s best to stay home and view the property another day. Let’s all do our part to keep each other and future renters safe!

  1. Virtual Tours

If you’re not one for the occasional temperature screening or would rather go without a mask, virtual tours will be your best option. Many rental companies have already set up virtual tours in addition to photos of properties. If you’re the owner of a rental property, virtual tours can open up your booking potential. Even though this year has been frustrating, this new innovation will aid you in finding that perfect renter! 

  1. Proper Cleaning

Alcohol based cleaners have proven to be the most effective for scrubbing away potential bacteria, including the COVID 19 virus. 2020 or not, a clean property is always a sure fire way to keep interested renters coming back. Get the most response out of renters by following simple house cleaning guidelines. Presentation is everything! 

Whether you’re an interested renter or looking to rent out your property, it’s important to keep in mind the protocols we’ve been asked to abide by. This year has been an interruption in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t mean convenience has gone out the window. The beauty of virtual tours is that you can stay in your home and see that location you’ve been interested in. This makes the decision process easier for renters and creates a faster return for those renting out their properties. Don’t let the current timing of things hold you back from that property, just remember to venture out in safety!

*Photo Courtesy of Canva


Sabrena is a freelance blogger with 10-years of experience in the vacation rental industry and knows a thing or two about the market and tips and tricks to managing a vacation rental.

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