October 30, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions by New Short-Term Rental Hosts, Answered

Do you want to be a host but unsure of how to start? Navigating the listing and management process can be overwhelming and intimidating for people who are completely new to the short-term rental industry. Don’t worry though, as lots of newbies come to us for help. Here are five things you should know before you get started.

1.     Should I Only Host On Airbnb?

There are dozens of short-term rental platform channels out there, and theyall operate differently from each other. While Airbnb is the platform with the most media attention, it isn’t the most popular with certain demographics. Consulting a seasoned vacation rental marketer or using easy-to-use short-term rental softwarecan help you maximize your income potential.

2.     Will I Be Able To Compete With Seasoned Hosts On My Own?

If you’re willing to put in the effort to achieve a high standard of care for your guests, and if you’re willing to spend the time researching the industry and market trends in your area, there’s nothing stopping you from being competitive. However, many hosts who are just starting out in order to gain some side income can’t always spend the amount of time necessary to beat algorithms that usefactors like a host’s listing interest and response time to rank a property and promote it based on a guest’s search preferences. If you lack marketing and platform knowledge, it wouldn’t hurt to ask an experienced expert for advice.

3.     What Do I Need To Include In My Listing To Get A Renter’s Attention?

A listing is much more than just the bare minimum. You need vividdescriptions, inviting photographs, and key phrases that tell guests the bigger picture. Every listing channel requires the same kind information: guest capacity, number of rooms, amenities, and location. If everyone else is filling out the same fields, what will set you apart from other hosts? Take the time to create an interesting title, shooteye-catching images, and identify the must-have amenities will elevate your listing. If you invest time and money in the right things, revenue will follow.

4.     What Are The Most Common Inquiries Made By Guests?

Some common inquiries that guests generally ask close to or after check-in include property questions and what’s nearby. It can be a great time saver to post a check-in list of where the air conditioner or heating controls, security codes, wi-fi passwords, remote controls, parking spaces, or other amenities are. It will also boost your ratings if you give a run-down of the neighborhood pub, fast-food delivery places, public transportation, grocery stores, or quick-stop stores.

5.    Is It Beneficial to Hire a Manager or Use Software?

Unless you have the time to dedicate full-time to vacation property management, you might consider using software specifically designed to help you manage your rentalor hiringa short-term rental property marketer todo tasks thatyou’re too busy to handle on a regular basis. As agents are on call 24/7/365, you will not have to commit full-time to satisfy your guests’needs.

Most hosts lack the kind of online marketing and channelknowledge that’s necessary to operate a successful short-term rental business. We at Voyajoy find that these implicit requirements are what the majority of our clients get overwhelmed with. We pride ourselves on our ability to make short-term rental management moreaccessible to people with no experience in the industry, so if you’re struggling to manage your short-term rental property, contact us today for a short consultation.

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