February 23, 2018

How to increase your Homeaway and Airbnb profits with professional photography

Nothing is more important than your AirBnb photo section. From your main listing photo to the very last picture of your back yard, your photos guide potential guests through your rental. If you have terrible photos, you’re going to lose out on bookings. You need to get it right.

The average AirBnb host uses the photo section to show off what their space has to offer. This is what you would think a guest would want to look at it, but it’s far more important than that. What you want is for the guest to get an idea of what they will experience when staying at your place. This is your opportunity to give them a virtual tour.

You need enough pictures to give a complete visual experience. What’s the guest going to experience at your place? Imagine a visual walkthrough of the house, starting at the front door. You want the guest to imagine relaxing in the living space watching the 60-inch flat panel television, chilling out in the master bedroom, or taking a shower in the master bath with style. If it’s a big space, envision the kids happily playing games on the PS4 while the adults cook dinner in the well-equipped kitchen. You get the point. Make the guest want to book your place.

Organize your photos in order of importance. What features do you feel highlight the experience of your short-term rental? I’ve stayed at a place that had a luxury 9 seat movie theater in the basement with a pool table and putt-putt golf in the backyard. I would say those are pretty important features in your home, but don’t forget that your guests are also going to want to sleep, cook, and live in the space, so make sure you still highlight the creature comforts while showing the important luxury features.

Hire a professional service to do your photos. I don’t care how many megapixels your iPhone has, you’re not a professional photographer. The person that owns a magazine or the designer line isn’t taking their own pictures with an iPhone. They hire the very best photographer money can buy to take thousands of pictures from which they pick the very best ones and edit for the highest quality prints. Remember, you’re selling a product. You want to sell out your product and make the most from it.

Our recommendation is HDR processing. HDR processing makes your photos vivid, and involves taking multiple exposures of the same shot, using software to stitch together the best pixels for the perfect blended shot. It’s the most expensive option, but it’ll make back the money in a couple of bookings in the end.

At Voyajoy we always order HDR processing. With our premium EliteVR service, we provide it for free along with plenty of other helpful advice to market your property. Remember the quality of your photos can influence your listing's rankings. If you’re interested in potentially doubling your revenue, check us out at Voyajoy.com

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