September 4, 2019

The Best Sites Like Airbnb for Your San Francisco Rental Property

When it comes to your San Francisco rental property, there are things you should know before listing it for rent on a single channel such as Airbnb. After all, the goal is to make sure it never stays empty for long, right? By limiting yourself to a solitary rental platform, you miss all the travelers and renters who aren’t members of the site. You essentially bypass a whole group of people who could benefit from the availability of your studio apartment or home for rent.

To illustrate a point, there are dozens of websites where you could list the properties that you may or may not be aware of. By taking advantage of what each company has to offer rental property owners and tapping into their target demographic of customers, you’re able to appeal to a greater number of renters who are looking for properties to lease short or long-term. Using our software to reach the largest percentage of people at once has its advantages which are listed below for you to consider.

Price Optimizations Across 50+ Websites

Voyajoy provides price optimizations and marketing exposure across 50+ websites so you’re able to make the most money possible for your San Francisco rental property. Our software uses leveraging machine learning and AI to come up with the perfect pricing for your property. When the rates rise and fall, it automatically adjusts your listing on each of the sites to help it remain competitive.

In major cities where there is no shortage of rentals to choose from, it’s not enough to rely on one website to introduce your apartment or home to interested parties. Luckily, with our software, no extra work is created for you to do. Replies are lightning-fast and auto-generated for you so that interested renters don’t go elsewhere because they didn’t get an answer from you quickly enough.

Think about all the rave reviews you’ll receive from satisfied renters because you opted to let our software do the work for you! You’ll be able to do something else that is more satisfying with your time. In fact, as a rental property owner, you’re never short of things to do on any given day. By taking advantage of all the different websites available for listing your property at once, you increase the number of eyes on your apartment or home without any extra effort from you.

Gain Greater Exposure for Your Listing in Less Time

Take matters into your own hands and get more people into your San Francisco rental property each month. Rather than rely on asingle channel for advertising your apartment or home online, streamline the process by creating a single listing that gets distributed among 50+ channels within seconds. Your time is valuable and you’ll receive more interest from a greater number of renters if you don’t limit to yourself to one platform such as Airbnb or Zillow. Let us help you maximize every waking minute you have available by handling the response we give interested parties looking for a San Francisco rental property just like yours.

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