December 26, 2018

What Factors Into The Average Vacation Rental Cleaning Fee?

Whether you are a vacation rental property owner, or you want to offer short-term vacation rental cleaning services, the costis always a factor. The higher the cleaning fee, the more a property owner must charge for each stay which gets passed on to guests. There are several factors like location and size that determine the appropriate vacation rental cleaning prices. Property owners usually have a vacation rental cleaning checklist that helps establish daily cleaning tasks. The number of tasks generally is the key to determining the average vacation rental cleaning fee.

How Are Vacation Rental Cleaning Costs Established?

Most residential cleaning services will either charge by calculating the square foot of a home or the hours it takes to clean. It is generally more affordable an option to pay by the hour for a room. Square footage is cheaper if you are having the entire property cleaned. Vacation rental properties are much more complex. Additional factors that will affect price includes how often you want a property cleaned, the amount of surface cleaning you want to be done, additional upkeep like windows or furniture, how many cleaners you require, and if there are pets that make cleaning more difficult (i.e. removing surface pet hair or air neutralizer).

Frequency is also an issue which will affect vacation rental property cleaning fees. Cleaning crews will take the time to check for damage which will also take time. If you contract with a cleaner, you have room to negotiate since someone staying at your home for a week would not require the same amount of cleaning that a new check-in would need. As you will charge the guest the same daily cleaning fee, it will allow you to cover your out-of-pocket expenses even when they include additional fees for fireplaces, ovens, pools, refrigerators, walls, and shelving.

Cleaning A Vacation Rental

The average for cleaning a vacation rental is between $15 and $45 per hour. The size of the vacation rental and its condition will also affect the average cleaning costs in each area.

·      Single-Family Home: $150

·      2-Bedroom Apartment: $100

·      Upholstery Cleaning: $100

·      Windows: $100

·      Wall Cleaning: $150

Advice For Property Managers:

To gauge the average cleaning service in your area, you can call local agencies in your area and ask for a quote. Be sure to ask about the property sizes you manage so you understand the range you should charge. It will also help you negotiate with a vacation rental cleaner or put an ad in a local advertisement to find someone who will provide the cleaning services you need.

Advice For Vacation Rental Property Cleaning Services

Keep in mind that property owners will want a low rate, so they will not give you a rate. They will ask for your rate first. This is a critical negotiation point, so be sure you ask for a vacation rental cleaning checklist before quoting your rate. Take the time to find out what the average hourly or square footage rate is and work from there. If you know of a vacation rental property owner, ask about what they pay along with the cost of additional cleaning services.   Looking ot hire on a cleaning company that specializes in rental property cleaning? Here are a few of our favorites: Properly, Cleanifyand Thumbtack(not a site that specifically specializes in cleaning, BUT a great space to post openings for help). Have a favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

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