March 30, 2018

Why you should always have Airbnb host insurance

Short-term rental services in the travel industry are doing so well largely in part because both guests and hosts are honest and trustworthy; the people who utilize these services are courteous and appreciate the convenience it provides. Most hosts never have or consider insurance, but it’s there in case anything bad happens. Unfortunately, bad luck strikes often; in fact, if you spend any time going through Airbnb host communities, you’ll notice that guest damages are at the top of any list of complaints. Here are some insurance options and what they’ll bring you.

Home Owner Insurance

Many novice hosts think that their property is protected by their home owner insurance policy; most of the time, this isn’t the case. Insurance companies haven’t really adapted to the new shared economy, so Airbnb hosting is considered a business activity. This means that guest damage isn’t going to be covered.

Airbnb Host Insurance

While Airbnb does offer a host protection program, it’s not actually offering insurance – claims are not guaranteed. This coverage is considered a program and is completely subjective. The host is not named insured on any insurance policy, and Airbnb has the final say on what claims get paid out. You can always get additional insurance from an alternative source such as, which provides significant protection for an average cost around $4-$7 per night.

Use a Third Party

We have explored the options in this space and have partnered with Safely Insurance, which we believe is currently the best choice in the industry for vacation and short-term rentals hosts along with extra levels of security and fraud protection. For each reservation, Voyajoy charges guests for vacation rental insurance, which covers up to $1 million in damages and liability protections and $10,000 in personal belongings protections for both the owner and the guest.

The bottom line is that you need to protect your property from damage and loss. A home has always been the most important investment you can make. With short term rental income, you have an entirely new reason to make sure you’re protected.

Check out for more information on how to stay protected from damage.

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