April 16, 2019

Why You Should Always Respond To Airbnb Guest Reviews

Travelers tend to choose Airbnb over hotels because of direct access to privacy, extra square footage, and comfort. People also tend to pay more for these extra privileges which is why the guest review process is difficult to navigate for both guests and hosts.If you have pondered over the guest review debate, here is why you should always respond to your Airbnb guest reviews.

Airbnb Valuation In The Vacation Rental Industry

Airbnb valuation in the vacation rental industry is worth $20 billion. The executives place great importance on user experience which is why guest engagement is critical. The host and the guest both receive the opportunity to review one another. A host rates issues like hygiene, etiquette, check-out, or quality of amenities while the guests score user experience, cleanliness, listing accuracy, value, communication, guest check-in, and site location safety. Airbnb feels that the availability of a review standard helps to build trust and respect, but the outcome of reviews is not always a positive outcome which is why you need to respond for reputation management.

Airbnb Reviews Include:

·      Public Online Reviews: Airbnb reviews are visible to anyone in the community. Make sure you respond to each review whether negative or positive as it allows you to build relationships for future bookings and refute statements made by any unhappy guests.

·      Private Messaging: Allows both guests and hosts to provide feedback confidentially. Even if your guests do not leave a public comment, you should always respond to private messages as it is a record of events in case guests file a ResolutionCenter complaint.

·      Star Ratings System: Guests can rate Airbnb experiences from one to five stars. Hosts must get a three-star rating or above for a score to appear on a profile or property listing. If you have yet to get a star rating, your public online reviews and replies help to build a case for your property listing as well as hosting capabilities. A positive response, even when you receive negative feedback, tells future guests a lot about a host’s character.

·      Cancellation Reviews: Cancellations are common in any travel industry, but they also cause problems for travelers which is why Airbnb hosts receive a cancellation penalty that is permanently attached to their host profile. It is critical that if you cancel, you post a public response so that hosts understand the reasoning. It will also help if you take the time to find alternative lodging so that future guests see a caring and concerned host.

·      Airbnb Community Forum: TheAirbnb Community Forum allows any Airbnb subscriber to post on a wide range of topics. Commenters take note of language, tone, and behavior, so if you see a negative comment about you, be professional and follow up with a friendly manner that has direct, truthful points that contradict the negative post.

You have likely heard that if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all. When it comes to business, silence will cost you as future guests only hear one side. Using vacation rental management software helps you stay organized, so you have the guest data you need to engage.

John Gartland

My name is John Gartland and I’m a blogger from Denver, Colorado with 10-years experience in the vacation rental industry. I have learned so many things including tips, tricks, and hacks to build the best vacation rental out there.

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