February 6, 2019

Why You Should Cater To Babymooners

Need a reason why you should cater to babymooners? From the Kardashians to Kate Hudson and Behati Prinsloo, soon-to-be celebrity babies put babymooning on the map worldwide. For vacation rental companies, it is an excellent opportunity to cater to this demographic to offer babymoon destinations as a way to increase your short-term vacation rental revenue and growth.

Why A Babymoon Is Important

What is a babymoon? The term babymoon was coined in 1996 by British author and educator Sheila Kitzingerto represent the bonding period after new parents give birth. Since the 2015 Indy release of the movie Babymooners, it has become much more popular now than ever before for expectant parents to travel and babymoon before their new bundle of joy arrives.

Babymoon Packages

According to a survey by Nurture Parenting, one in five expectant parents are planning to babymoon. With more than four births each secondrecorded worldwide, property owners who offer babymoon packages provide not only the rest and relaxation expectant parents need but critical new baby knowledge that will prepare them for the arrival. Offering babymoon packages that include destressers, relaxation, reflection, gastronomy, romance, and adventure will provide the right type of babymoon activities that expectant parents will want and need.

How To Attract Babymooners

Sixty percent of babymooners intend to include at least one overnight stay. Planning babymoon activities is a really great way to market to and attract this short-term vacation rental demographic. Here are a few things  you can do to help parents who are planning a babymoon.

1.    Market Babymoon Locations That Include New Moms And Dads

Advertisers often equate new babies with motherhood. It is a major mistake as the majority of babymooners are couples who want bonding and preparation time. Ensure you include both parents in your property description along with any amenities that expectant couples will find valuable. What would you want if planning a babymoon?

2.    Use Local SEO To Attract Babymooners

Using local SEO to attract babymooners is a smart move as this demographic prefers a staycation over a global destination. When advertising, you need to focus on local SEO keywords that include babymoon locations, local babymoon-friendly amenities, and local facilities that expecting parents might need just in case the need arises.

3.    Get Listed On Local Babymoon Lists

While you will mainly rely on a vacation rental marketingchannel to advertise to babymooners, you must try to either use your website content creation or local babymoon vendors to get officially listed in your area. It is a great way to expand your visibility.

4.    Offer Babymoon Packages

Offering babymoon packages will ensure you cater directly to this demographic. Finding ways to include your property in your babymoon packages will deliver on reputation and branding.  On-location products like dining experiences, prenatal his and her spa treatments, glam squads, maternity photography, and massages are lucrative strategies.

5.    Prepare A Babymoon Welcome Basket

A babymoon welcome basket is that extra touch that gives couples a first impression of your business, so make sure you ask couples about their favorite snacks so you can prepare a welcome gift. Put things like non-alcoholic beverages, snacks for late-night cravings, and a special gift like a onesie that reads ‘Future Business Name Guest.’

Catering to the needs of the babymoonshort-term rental business is more than just about renting your property. It is about how you will become a part of this special moment for couples.

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